Disney has no plans to push the Black Widow release date back over coronavirus concerns. It was announced earlier this week that Universal's No Time to Die has been delayed 7 months due to the continuing spread of the coronavirus. This has led many to wonder about other blockbusters hitting the big screen over the next few months. The Chinese box office has already been hit hard and studios are currently wondering where to go from here.

According to sources, Disney is adamant about keeping the original Black Widow release date. As of this writing, the studio will still put out the highly anticipated movie on May 1st. There have been rumors circulating about the Scarlett Johansson-starring project moving to the Eternals November release date, but it appears those rumors are false. For now, Disney will keep things going, though that could change at any time now. Even events like SXSW, which begins next week, are starting to feel the pressure as major studios begin to pull out over coronavirus concerns.

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It is believed that Universal could be eying another release date for Fast and Furious 9, which is scheduled to hit theaters at the end of May. As of this writing, the sequel will remain in its May 22nd slot. China is a huge box office market and generally where Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, along with Fast and Furious movies thrive. Now, with the coronavirus starting to spread around North America, things could get a lot worse before they get any better. But, Disney appears willing to take that gamble.

Warner Bros. will also reportedly keep Scoob! and Wonder Woman 1984 on schedule too. With that being said, people from all over the world are wondering just how far the coronavirus will spread and how it will effect daily life, if at all. For now, there are mixed messages coming from scientists and the White House, which is not really comforting for a number of people. President Donald Trump has downplayed the spread, even as the infected numbers rise in the United States. The president is more than likely trying to keep the American people from going into mass hysteria, but education is the first key to defense against something like this.

Disney and Marvel Studios are moving on with Black Widow and Eternals, which will kick of the MCU's long-talked about Phase 4. This is a big moment for the MCU as they start to move away from some of the most beloved and best-known characters in comic book history. Natasha Romanoff's standalone movie will ease fans in, while Eternals will show the world brand-new characters to the big screen. As for the coronavirus, that is a mystery at the moment, but it appears to be spreading rapidly in North America. Deadline was the first to report this news.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick