A new image of the mysterious Taskmaster has been released from the Black Widow movie. It is probably one of our best looks yet at the villain, though he has been the focus of a lot of the promotional material released thus far. The Natasha Romanoff standalone movie was scheduled to hit theaters on May 1st, but it has since been indefinitely put hold, due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is unclear when Disney and Marvel Studios will be putting out the long-awaited movie now or how they will release it.

While we wait for some Black Widow release date news, we have a fresh photo of Taskmaster in his armor. It's unclear who the character is under the mask, but it will more than likely be someone who is close to Natasha Romanoff. The villain leads the Red Room, which is responsible for training Romanoff. Our hero will be going back to take the organization down in an effort to make sure no more young girls are treated the way that she has been over the years.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was supposed to kick off Phase Four with Black Widow this year. With the coronavirus pandemic closing down movie theaters around the world, it's going to be a minute before MCU fans get to see the movie. At this time, there are roughly 400 theaters open across North America and in those theaters, they are practicing social distancing, which means about half of the seats are open, resulting in a dismal time for the entertainment business and unprecedented box office numbers. AMC anticipates to be shut down for at least eight to twelve weeks.

It's unclear when things will get back to normal, but Disney and Marvel Studios could get creative when going to release Black Widow. The movie was on track to be a blockbuster, but we could end up seeing it at home first, depending on what the studio decides to do with the project. Since the movie was going to make a good amount of money at the global box office, the studio will likely just wait to put it out, even though releasing it online to fans would absolutely massive and trailblazing for the industry.

For now, we'll just have to wait and see what Taskmaster is up to in the standalone Black Widow movie. We have already seen him mimicking the moves of Natasha Romanoff and others, so we know that element of the comics in intact. The villain is able to copy maneuvers of people, just by studying their moves, making him almost impossible to take down. Regardless, Natasha Romanoff is going to do her best, along with the team she has assembled. You can check out the latest image of the villain below, thanks to Reddit.

Taskmaster - Black Widow