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Movies sites everywhere are going Blade 2 crazy today. Check out the goods:

  • Take a glance at the new poster! javascript:void(0|CLICK HERE
  • Get a sneak peek at the Blade 2 website, chock full of pics, downloads, trailers and more! Your gonna need a special password to get in though, luckily Ain't It Cool has provided us with one!


    Username: BLADE2

    Password: NOMAK

{@IMG:b1m9VA1rkZi6v1Iosd62oVKcAp4hYf|Movie [email protected]}It was one of the greatest movies of last year and March 19th, 2002 it's coming to DVD! Donnie Darko, the movie helmed by writer/director Richard Kelly will be jammed packed with all the normal DVD extras, including director's commentary, deleted scenes, behind the scenes featurettes, and more. Keep your eyes peeled for this one!In other movie news...

  • IGN's Filmforce has posted some "Spy Snapshots" of Bourne Identity. Forgot to post that a while back...oh well, CLICK HERE
  • A 4.5 hour long Fellowship Of The Ring DVD? According to IGN'S Filmforce, and other confirming factors around the internet, the Fellowship DVD is going to contain scenes that had to be cut from the final version of the film. What scenes are we to expect included in this DVD? Well, nothing is for sure, but as of right now the rumors are that the following scenes will be added in:

    * More footage of the hobbits' escape from the Shire.

    * An attack by Orcs and Goblins as the Fellowship enter Lothlorien, with Haldir and the Elves coming to the rescue.

    * More character interaction and development among the Fellowship.

    * Gimli falling for the beauty of Galadriel.

    * Aragorn speaking Elvish with Galadriel (according to a comment made by Cate Blanchet and reported at

  • Speaking of LOTR, Enya will be performing "May it Be" from the Lord of the Rings Soundtrack - The Fellowship of the Ring on the Tonight Show...tonight! She will also be performing live on Larry King next Tuesday, the 22nd.
  • More photos from The Scorpion King are up at IGN's Filmforce. CLICK HERE
  • Did you miss Saturday Night Live's *NSync/Star Wars parody? That's OK! We've got it for you! CLICK HERE
  • Watch The Matrix In 6 Minutes! It doesn't get better than Legos and The Matrix.

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Last but not least, the biggest bummer of the day. An era has ended. 9 seasons ago a total cult phenomenon called The X-Files began. For years it stayed at the top of the TV ratings, even with a Friday night time slot, but now...that reign has ended. The current season of The X-Files will be it's last, according to a recent statement made by series creator, Chris Carter. This season has had a 29% viewership drop compared to last season. And I'm guessing this is largely due to the fact of the absence of David Duchovny, and the tiny presence of Gillian Anderson. The X-Files is STILL, even with the drop in watchers a major contender for it's time slot. Entertainment Weekly reports that the reason fans aren't watching is because they feel with the replacement of Mulder and Scully with new characters that they are betraying the characters that made the show watchable in the first place.

Being a HUGE X-Files fan myself, I would have been satisfied with the show ending last season with Scully having Mulder's baby, but I am glad Chris Carter has decided to go out gracefully this season. "I'd rather go out now and celebrate rather than have to make an announcement in the summer."

Though there are plans for a second X-Files shortly after the series finale in which Duchovny and Anderson will both return, there is no word yet on whether Duchovny will return for the series finale, although that is what Chris Carter is hoping for.

We'll all miss The X-Files, but it's had a great run, and there's always the DVDs! Read the whole Hollywood Reporter Report...CLICK HERE

Stay Tuned for some Lights Out goodies tomorrow! ~Brian