Production on Marvel's upcoming Blade reboot could be a lot further along than first though, with a new casting report hinting at the potential direction of the movie. The new report claims that the studio is actively casting a character named Ruby, a teen that's said to be "thoughtful, serious, and burdened by growing up in a complex world," leaving some to theorize that this could be Blade's estranged daughter.

The mysterious Ruby has also been described as playing "a strong supporting role in the film," leading Blade fans to wonder whether Ruby's true identity is really that of Fallon Grey. A character who has been stuck in development for years, Fallon Grey was set to lead a comic book series titled Blade the Hunter, which would have followed the teenager as she discovers that she is in fact the daughter of Eric Brooks AKA Blade, due to be played in the movie by Academy award winning actor Mahershala Ali.

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Writer Tim Seeley (Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy) and artist Logan Faerber (Secret Wars: Battleworld) were due to bring Fallon Grey to the page, but Seely later came to the realization that a person of color should really be the one to write the series considering it was set to focus on a black teenager. Since then, all fans have seen of the character are a few pieces of artwork showing what Fallon would have looked like. So, while the series never came to fruition, could Marvel finally be bringing Blade's daughter to life and thereby adding a whole new element to the MCU reboot?

While there isn't much information to go on, casting calls are well known for actively trying to hide the identity of certain characters from public view in an attempt to keep the surprise intact and avoid any leaks. If that is the case, then please accept this apology in advance. Not much is yet known about the plot for Marvel's Blade, which will reportedly be titled Blade, The Vampire Slayer, but surely teaming him up with his daughter makes more sense than simply adding an ordinary teenager to proceedings.

With a lot of the original Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes moving on to pastures greener (or dying), some of the more familiar mantles are already being passed down to others. Ant-Man's daughter has already been revealed to have a major role in the upcoming sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and Hawkeye will be training his protégé Kate Bishop in the Disney+ series, which could mean that Marvel is getting ready for Fallon Grey to take over vampire hunting duties before Blade has even begun.

Blade, The Vampire Slayer has not yet been given a release date. However, the revival of the comic book favorite was recently placed on the Marvel calendar between upcoming sequels to both Black Panther II and Captain Marvel 2 as part of Phase 4. With this in mind, it is becoming increasingly likely that Blade will fill the currently empty release date of October 7, 2022, a date which Marvel Studios have suspiciously kept empty for quite some time. This comes to us courtesy of The Disinsider.