One of the most remembered scenes from the 1998 Marvel adaptation Blade is when the Day Walker finds himself fighting vamps in the midst of a Blood Rave. Crimson goo spritzes the attendees from the overhead sprinkler system, and it's a gory mess. Anyone who has ever dreamed of participating in such a nightmarish scenario will now get their chance, as a true Blood Rave is being planned for New York Comic Con, which kicks off in just a few weeks.

The whole party is being directly inspired by Blade, recreating the iconic opining scene. And at some point, one of the DJs in attendance will spin the Pump Panel remix of New Order's classic 'Confusion', straight off the soundtrack to the movie. Dubbed the Blade Rave, this gruesome disco is happening on Friday, October 9 at New York's Terminal 5. EDM innovators The Crystal Method will headline the show with Pictureplane opening. If this wasn't cool enough, there will also be a 'chill out' room inspired by the apartment of Blade super villain Deacon Frost.

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Now, for all you real-life vampires out there, it's safe to say that, unlike in the movie, this rave will not be using real blood. There are a lot of logistical and health reasons why that's not happening. And that just sounds pretty gross. At this time, further details are sparse, and it's not known if anyone from the movie will be in attendance. It's also not known if Marvel Studios, who now own the distribution rights, will finally announced Blade 4.

At this time, Wesley Snipes is not one of the guests scheduled to appear at NYCC 2015. He did confirm during this past summer's San Diego Comic-Con that he has been in talks with Marvel to reprise his role as Blade. But shortly thereafter, it was rumored that Marvel and Disney are planning a reboot of the movie franchise based on the new Marvel Comic Book. Marvel is set to launch a new version of Blade that focuses on Blade's daughter, though the release of said comic has been delayed.

Bleeding Cool reported back in August that this delay was in effect because Marvel and Disney want the publication to fall in line with what they have planned for the big screen. It is speculated that Wesley Snipes has in fact been in talks with Marvel to reprise Blade. But he would be starring in a secondary role as a mentor figure who trains his daughter to hunt and kill vampires. At this time, there is no production start date, director or cast attached. It's possible that a new Blade could be part of Marvel Phase 4, but that doesn't kick off until 2020. If you need your Blade fix sooner than that, then you better head on over to the Blade Rave at NYCC. No details on how you can get tickets have been released at this time.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange