Mahershala Ali is going to star in the new Blade movie. Yes, you read that correctly. Marvel Studios is continuing to blow minds and just announced that Blade is one of the upcoming Phase 4 movies for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel fans have been waiting for years to see if the studio was ever going to remake the movie or bring Wesley Snipes back to reprise the iconic role. Now, it's official and they could not have picked a better actor to take on the role in the MCU.

Marvel previously relaunched the Blade character on TV show Blade: The Series in 2006 starring Sticky Fingaz. With that being said, this is a whole new level for Marvel Studios and nobody saw this one coming. Wesley Snipes might not be too happy to learn of this news, but he might end up getting to make a cameo or have a starring role in the movie. At this time, there are no story details, just that star Mahershala Ali is officially on board. He must be pretty excited to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe for some action packed fun and box office craziness. The Academy Award winning actor is a worthy choice to take on the role.

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San Diego Comic-Con was mostly TV news for the weekend until Marvel Studios took over Hall H. Many were under the impression that the studio was going to take it easy since Disney's D23 Expo is on the way, but Kevin Feige kept it in line with what he has done over the years at the annual event, which is exciting and shocking fans in the audience and all over the world. It's going to be very interesting to see how the MCU is going to cram all of these amazing projects into Phase 4.

However, many people thought the same thing about Marvel Studios tackling everything in Phase 3. Naysayers did not believe the studio was going to be able to handle releasing so many interconnected movies so close together. But, Kevin Feige and crew were able to prove everybody wrong while making some of the biggest movies the world has ever seen. Now, Mahershala Ali is going to be Blade. The news hasn't really even sunk in, but it's pretty amazing that Marvel Studios was able to keep that a secret for so long.

Marvel Studios is the king of keeping their secrets and even when things do leak, they don't really address them. For instance, the Black Widow movie is in production, set photos have leaked, and Kevin Feige would not confirm nor deny that it was really happening. That's a pretty amazing poker face. After all of the years of being asked about a new Blade movie, Feige and crew can finally confirm that it's real and it's happening soon. With that being said, nothing else about the movie has been announced, so we've got a long road of news coming our way. The official Marvel Studios Twitter account.