Wesley Snipes recently teased that not one, but two different Blade projects were in the works and that he's been having conversations with Marvel Studios. Whether or not that actually leads to something is another question entirely, but if it does, we may already have a good candidate for the job in the form of Gerard McMurray, who recently helmed The First Purge. There would surely be plenty of people interested in the gig, but McMurry would like a spot in line.

Gerard McMurray was previously quite unknown, having only directed the indie Burning Sands. But with The First Purge, he stepped into a well-established and very popular franchise and did a more than serviceable job. That should help put him in the running for some bigger directing gigs in the future and, when asked about what superhero he would like to do a movie about in a recent interview, McMurray name-dropped Blade. Here's what he had to say about it.

"To be honest, I would love Blade. Blade was always a cool character. When I saw Wesley Snipes play him years back, I thought he was always a great character. I thought that Blade would be definitely a cool character to explore. I think he's interesting. It's a whole universe with Blade. So I think Blade is definitely somebody worth exploring, looking into."

This would actually seem to be a pairing that would make a great deal of sense. Blade requires horror sensibilities and Gerard McMurray clearly has that going for him. He's proved that he can work with a studio within a larger franchise and deliver a successful movie, as The First Purge grossed $135 million worldwide working from just a $13 million budget. Plus, he has a lot of reverence for Wesley Snipes and, if the actor is to be believed, there's a decent chance he'll be back in some capacity as the character in the future.

There's also the Marvel Studios way, so to speak. They tend to take creative directors who have established themselves on smaller projects, relatively speaking, and give them a chance to showcase their talents in a blockbuster setting, with the support of their experienced creative team. It's worked very well in the past with directors such as James Gunn, prior to the controversy that saw him fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and with Ryan Coogler on Black Panther.

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If a new Blade movie, or TV series, or whatever shape this project takes, does come to pass, Marvel will have no shortage of directors interested in the gig and, given their status in Hollywood right now, they'll have access to just about anyone they might be interested in. So Gerard McMurray would have something of an uphill battle there. But he seems, on paper, like a good candidate and he's certainly interested in the gig, should it ever come up. This news was first reported by Comicbook.com.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott