Over thirty years in the making, Harrison Ford finally returns as Rick Deckard in the long awaited sequel Blade Runner 2049. And this time, he's bringing Ryan Gosling with him. While Ford was a no show, Gosling did bring new footage from the sci-fi thriller to CinemaCon 2017, which is happening right now in Las Vegas. And fans of the 1982 Ridley Scott original won't be disappointed. As this sequel features plenty of callbacks to the timeless classic.

Sony Motion Picture Group chairman Tom Rothman was with Ryan Gosling during the Sony Motion Picture presentation at CinemaCon. And Blade Runner 2 was definitely one of the highlights. The pair made it quite clear that this futuristic tale set in the year 2049 is definitely something audiences need to see at the theater. Said Rothman to cheers from the audience, 'Netflix, my ass!'

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This was followed by a big screen presentation of never-before-seen footage that was not included in the trailer that debuted late last year. And it was stunning. The movie is set in an apocalyptic Los Angeles and Las Vegas, a world ravaged by dust storms and drugged out androids. The footage features several visual callbacks to the first Blade Runner. And true to the original, this movie has limited CGI, relying on a lot of practical effects to tell its story. Rothman went so far as to call the movie, 'Cool as sh*t.' Says Gosling about Blade Runner 2049.

"Every location was real. Every set was there...It was a fully functioning, living, breathing world."

In this first look footage, Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard returns alongside Gosling's Officer K. They were accompanied by Jared Leto, who looks creepier than he did when he donned all that Joker make-up for Suicide Squad. He is playing a replicant manufacturer with a 'daddy complex'. One scene features Leto gently caressing one of the naked androids, whose body has been doused with an amniotic fluid. It's on the verge of being quite gross.

Gosling appears beaten and bloody in one of the shots. And Ana de Armas appears as a twitchy replicant who Officer K has feelings for. Their moments together received loud applause from those in attendance (though, to note, this footage was shown late in the evening after quite a few alcoholic beverages had been consumed by quite a few attendees). Gosling quipped this zinger after the footage screened.

"Prepare to start going steady with the edge of your seats."

Also featured in this latest footage was costar Robin Wright. Denis Villeneuve directs the movie, which will be in theaters October 6. Ridley Scott, who was supposed to direct, moved into an executive producer role, directing Alien: Covenant instead. Sony Pictures co-financed Blade Runner 2049 with Alcon Entertainment. The teaser was one of the main highlights of Sony's panel, which also featured new footage from Spider-Man: Homecoming and the first-ever look at Jumanji 2, which has now been titled Welcome to the Jungle.

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