Jared Leto has revealed details on his character for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 and considers his work on the movie to be a career highlight. We still have a long way to go before Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner sequel hits theaters and information has been scarce regarding anything official regarding plot details or even who the characters are. But interviews are currently being conducted and little bits of information are starting to come forth. It has been reported that a top secret test screening was held last week that included metal detectors, signed non disclosure agreements, which is not uncommon for big test screenings and the unsuspecting moviegoers even had their pictures taken and had no prior knowledge of what movie they were about to sit down and see.

Jared Leto appears to be a big fan of teasing his audience (not in a malicious way), recently sharing pictures of the Joker, fueling rumors that he may be in DC's upcoming Justice League movie or just plain sharing his excitement to be involved in a Blade Runner sequel. It was previously reported at CinemaCon 2017 that Leto would be portraying a character named Wallace. The Oscar winning 45 year-old actor recently sat down with the London Evening Standard to talk about his career as well as ghost sightings and fake moon landings that may or may not have been filmed at his humble abode.

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When talking about the upcoming Blade Runner 2049, Leto claims that the name of his character alone drew him to the role. He explains.

"I play a character called Neander Wallace... to be honest they had me at the name. I read the script and fell in love with the character. But I don't think I'm allowed to talk about it... I may have already got in trouble for telling you the name..."

Leto appears in the trailer to be some kind of black-eyed medium, speaking to Harrison Ford in some unknown language. Leto also is pretty charming to the Standard interviewer who is quite taken with his "home." I use quotations because the actor lives in an old 50,000 square foot Air Force bunker that's built into the bottom of a mountain like some kind of super villain inverse ivory tower. Leto goes on to say that making Blade Runner 2049 was a very rewarding experience and that the movie was a childhood favorite (he was also reading Nietzsche as a child...) Read Leto's thoughts below.

"I can tell you that the experience of making it was one of the highlights of my film career. Throughout my life I've always gone back to that film. There was something in it that really touched me and taught me a lot about cinema. There's a level of craftsmanship and beauty that's unparalleled."

Leto has been reported as saying that the original Blade Runner is one of his favorite movies. Yo, Ryan Gosling, you have to step up your interview game when ol' Leto's around. Are you even excited, bro? Elsewhere in the fascinating interview Leto shares his thoughts on the state of music and that the difference between humans and machines is swiftly getting blurred. Leto is truly woke, for reals. Blade Runner 2 will be released on October 6th, 2017 in theaters everywhere unless the machines take over. If the machines do indeed takeover, Leto has plenty of space for everybody in his humble abode, so give him a text or use Morse code to be safe.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick