It's been almost two months since the second Blade Runner trailer was released, but if you're chomping at the bit for even more footage, a new preview has surfaced that reveals new characters plus behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast and filmmakers. The preview includes a few "before and after" shots, revealing that there was certainly an emphasis on practical effects, showcasing some of the massive set pieces and vehicles used in the production. We even hear from legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins, who revealed that he has never worked on a movie with so many different sets and lighting patterns, revealing that, "technically, it's quite challenging."

This preview comes from Entertainment Weekly, which, along with plenty of new footage, also features interview segments with several of the main players, including executive producer Ridley Scott, who reveals that he couldn't have dreamed that his original Blade Runner movie would still be so revered, 35 years later. The filmmaker adds that, while Blade Runner was always meant to be a stand-alone movie, there was simply more story to be told than the original's two-hour runtime would allow. We also hear from Harrison Ford, who had this to say about revisiting his iconic character, Rick Deckard.

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"I think it's kind of fun to play a character 30 years later. The story, the themes, the stunning visual environments, it was a pleasure to get back in the world of Blade Runner again. I'm used to trying on old clothes. Happily, they fit."

This footage also gives us new glimpses at Sylvia Hoeks' unspecified character, who tells Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard that they're going home, while in a transport. We also hear from Ryan Gosling, who revealed that as soon as he heard Ridley Scott wanted to "continue the narrative" of Blade Runner, he was already invested and wanted to know what will happen next. We also hear from Jared Leto, who revealed earlier this month that his character is named Neander Wallace, and while we don't know more about who he is, the actor reveals how grateful he was to "just be on the team," working with Ridley Scott, director Denis Villeneuve and stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, while we get a small glimpse of him working with Denis Villeneuve.

Director Denis Villeneuve reveals that he has never felt more pressure on his shoulders, working on this film, mirroring comments he had made in the past about how this follow-up will never be able to live up to the expectations of the original Blade Runner. Production designer Dennis Gassner states that working on this film was like "walking on a knife's edge," since they were "riding the line between the original film with what we're doing now." The video also features shots with other cast members like Lennie James, while visual effects supervisor John Nelson reveals that they're trying to keep the visual effects very grounded. Take a look at this preview for Blade Runner 2049, as we get closer and closer to the October 5 release date.