Love the future? Love cocktails and stiff drinks? Can't wait to watch Harrison Ford return as Rick Deckard? Then we have some exciting news for you. Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve has teamed up with Johnnie Walker to create a whiskey blend based off of the upcoming movie. The Johnnie Walker Black Label bottle appeared in the first Blade Runner 35 years ago and was considered a prop from the future. Fans of the Ridley Scott classic have recreated the bottle over the years and have even hunted down the original tumblers that Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard character drank out of in the movie. The new collaboration between Johnnie Walker and Villeneuve started publicly over the summer when the world-famous Whiskey company hosted a Blade Runner 2049 VR event for Comic-Con and now comes the announcement of the limited-edition whiskey blend.

FemaleFirst U.K. reports that the Blade Runner 2049 whiskey is called Johnnie Walker Black Label The Director's Cut and it will be limited to 2,000 bottles worldwide. The bottle looks different from the one from the original movie, but the new custom design will be featured on the big screen on October 6th when Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters. Pre-orders are up now and the official release date for the new whiskey is September 25th, right before the movie premiers.

Denis Villeneuve spoke about the nostalgia of the original bottle of Johnnie Walker from Blade Runner and his excitement to work with the company. He had this to say.

"Like many fans, I remember the Johnnie Walker bottle from the first film, so it was a unique privilege to collaborate with Johnnie Walker on designing a totally original, custom bottle for the new movie."

The director continued talking about the experience and how it ties in with the mysteries of Blade Runner 2. The director explains.

"It was also a once-in-a-lifetime experience to help create the limited-edition Director's Cut blend, which perfectly captures the complex mysterious world of 'Blade Runner 2049'."

Johnnie Walker master blender, Jim Beveridge, said this.

"What we have created in Johnnie Walker Black Label The Director's Cut is something really special that fans will be able to relate to and whisky drinkers will love. I was truly inspired by Villeneuve's artistic vision for Blade Runner 2049 and how it could come to life in this new blend."

The Johnnie Walker Black Label is on the cheaper side of the company's whiskeys and is normally a blend of about 40 whiskeys that are aged at least 12 years. The bottle is what fans saw in Blade Runner and have gravitated to it ever since, even out of their way to find the double old-fashioned glasses used in the movie. It is not clear what kind of special "futuristic" blend that the Johnnie Walker company has come up with, but it's hard to imagine that fans will be buying this bottle to drink the contents within it.

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The new Blade Runner and Johnnie Walker collaboration is limited to 2,000 bottles worldwide and is currently only for sale in the U.K. for roughly $106 USD through Amazon U.K. It isn't clear if the collaboration will be coming stateside, so you might want to grab one now before they're all gone. Blade Runner 2049 is all set to be released on October 6th, 2017, but in the meantime, check out the custom whiskey bottle below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick