Will we ever get to see Blade Runner 3 become a reality? Denis Villeneuve would like to return to the world of Blade Runner at some point. The director is currently working on a massive big screen adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune. According to reactions from the first footage, it's going to be an "epic" movie and one that fans aren't going to want to miss.

Denis Villeneuve received critical and viewer acclaim for his work on Blade Runner 2049 and when recently asked about a possible return, the director said that he is very much into the idea. "It's such an inspiring place, the Blade Runner world," he says - adding that he would be interested in working on another movie if it was "unconnected" from the first two.

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Denis Villeneuve is in a good spot with Dune on the horizon and the acclaim from Blade Runner 2049 in the rearview. While Hollywood is currently full of remakes and sequels, Villeneuve believes that he has something different to offer, though he admits that the world is in need of original ideas. He had this to say about a possible return to the Blade Runner franchise.

"The problem...is the word 'sequel'. I think cinema needs original stories. But if you ask me if I'd like to revisit this universe in a different way, I can say yes. It would need to be a project on its own. Something disconnected from both other movies. A detective noir story set in the future... I wake up sometimes in the night dreaming about it."

An original story unconnected from both Blade Runner movies could work out in Denis Villeneuve's favor. He would be making something original, but based in the world that has already been created, much like HBO's hit Watchmen series. While comic book fans weren't into the idea of an original story taking place within that world, it was done very well and fans couldn't deny that.

For now, Denis Villeneuve has his hands full with Dune, which is in the post-production phase at the moment. The very first footage was screened for insiders recently, though the special effects were not complete. The footage contained some action from the upcoming movie, along with some behind-the-scenes stuff and interviews with the cast. As of this writing, it does not look like the aforementioned footage will find its way online.

However, since footage has been prepared, it's only a matter of time before the first Dune trailer arrives. From there, Denis Villeneuve will have to finish up on the first installment before jumping into the second. So, if he does plan on revisiting the world of Blade Runner, it's going to be a while before he has some time to figure out his story and decipher his dreams. Regardless, this sounds like something the fans will want to get behind. The interview with Denis Villeneuve was originally conducted by Empire.