The first trailer for Blade: The Iron Cross is here. This is the latest from Full Moon Features, the iconic horror studio behind the Puppet Master franchise. Now, after several decades and many sequels, Full Moon is bringing the first standalone feature for one of its most beloved characters: the hook-handed maniac puppet, Blade. As we can see in the trailer, Blade's solo feature debut is going to be a bloody, wild ride filled with Nazis, undead foes and plenty of blood.

The trailer kicks off by showing us a mad scientist explaining his grand, evil plan. A sophisticated ray of sorts that he's concocted will allow him to revive the dead, providing him with a zombie-like army. We see a young woman who comes into possession of the Blade puppet and decides to bring him to life. We don't see much of Blade doing any actual killing, but we get the sense that he's going to be on one side of this battle, fighting against this made scientist and his undead army. Say what you will about low-budget horror flicks such as this, but they're certainly swinging for the fences and throwing everything at the wall with this one.

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The cast includes Tania Fox, Roy Abramsohn, Griffin Blazi, Jarrell Hall, Bobby Ree, Vince Cusimano, Jonas Gray and Angelica Briones. The movie is directed by John Lechago working from a screenplay by Roger Barron. Lechago previously directed horror offerings like Feast of Fear, Blood Gnome and several entries in the Killjoy series. This will be the first entry in what Full Moon has dubbed the Deadly Ten. The studio is producing ten movies back-to-back-to-back and is allowing fans to watch the production process via its website. Other entries in the series include Subspecies V: Blood Rise and The Shadowheart Curse.

Blade: The Iron Cross continues franchise producer Charles Band's Puppet Master series and centers on an unspeakable evil from Blade's past that emerges in the form of a murderous Nazi scientist named Dr. Hauser. As Hauser's heinous crimes are uncovered, a psychic war journalist named Elisa Ivanov awakens Blade. Together, they set off on a bloody journey of revenge. It's Herr Hauser's reanimated undead army versus a possessed doll and a beautiful vengeance-seeking clairvoyant.

Puppet Master was originally released in 1989 via home video and, despite a lack of presence at the box office, the franchise has soldiered on for three decades. Including crossovers, and last year's reboot Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, the series includes 14 movies in total, and counting. The most recent entry in the main series, Puppet Master: Axis Termination, was directed by Charles Band and concluded his "Axis" trilogy. Blade: The Iron Cross is set to debut in March via Full Moon's Amazon channel, as well as the Full Moon Features streaming service. Be sure to check out the trailer for yourself.

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