iTunes just got a jolt of testosterone!  

SPIKE TV launched on iTunes today, with TNA: iMPACT, the first-ever wrestling series available for download and the current season of the adrenaline-packed series Disorderly Conduct, To seal the deal, the two-hour premiere of SPIKE TV's first original scripted series Blade: The Series will be available today for download FREE through July 11.

SPIKE TV teamed up with iTunes Music Store, the world's most popular video and music download store, to offer guys a multitude of downloadable video content including wrestling, high-octane auto programming and action-adventure.  In the coming weeks, SPIKE TV will add a mix of insanity, absurdity and mayhem to its iTunes library with the launch of the uncensored version of its new comedy series Raising The Roofs along with the smash-up derby series Carpocalypse and for car enthusiasts, SPIKE TV's popular "Power Block" which features the series Muscle Car and Extreme 4X4.



For one week, iTunes users can now download a FREE copy of  the two-hour premiere of SPIKE TV's first original scripted series: Blade: The Series which made its network debut yesterday.  The one-hour weekly series' second episode premieres on Wednesday, July 5 at 10:00 PM ET/PT.   New episodes will be available on iTunes the day after their premiere on-air.

The "iTunes Two-Hour Premiere" of Blade: The Series, features Kirk "Sticky" Jones in the title role of Marvel's immortal half-man, half-vampire who uses his superhuman powers and skills to fearlessly battles the demonic creatures of the night in a blood-drenched crusade to prevent their rise over mankind.

Blade: The Series maintains the continuity from New Line Television /Marvel Studio's highly successful movie trilogy, but brings the main character into new storylines and characters. The two-hour premiere opens with Blade (Jones) setting up shop in Detroit, investigating the vampire House of Chthon.  Along the way, he forms an uneasy alliance with Krista Starr (Jill Wagner), a former military veteran who becomes entrenched in the world of vampires while investigating the murder of her twin brother.


For $1.99 per episode, consumers can download the following SPIKE TV shows from the iTunes Music Store and view them on their iPods or computers.  

TNA: iMPACT is the new professional wrestling alternative that delivers high-risk, athletic entertainment, integrating well-known stars like Sting, Christian Cage and Jeff Jarret with the world's best new talent like AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa. ("TNA: iMPACT THE FIRST-EVER WRESTLING SERIES AVAILABLE ON iTUNES)

Blade: The Series

SPIKE TV's first original scripted action-adventure/drama fare that maintains the continuity from New Line Cinema/Marvel Studio's highly successful movie trilogy, but brings the main character into new storylines and characters

- Two-hour premiere FREE for one-week beginning on Thursday, June 29

- Season One (11 episodes)

Disorderly Conduct

Fiery car crashes!  High-speed chases!  Roadside drug busts!  You never know what you might see next, but one thing's certain. You've never seen this stuff before.  Spike TV takes you for a ride in this adrenaline-packed series with ALL-NEW outrageous video footage pulled from precincts across the country.  If you think you've seen it all... think again.

- Current Shows on-air in Season One

In the next few weeks, SPIKE TV will add the following shows to its iTunes roster:

Raising the Roofs - UNCENSORED VERSION

The unscripted comedy series that stars working actor Michael Roof, Jr., and his prank-pulling, beer-swilling, over-the-top, back-country family.  The new series explores what happens when his family -- his father, Michael Sr. and Uncle Stevie -- pack their bags, their pet pig, Babe Roof the Fifth, and take on the bright lights and big city of Los Angeles for an open ended visit

- Season One ( six episodes) - Explicit/uncensored version

Power Block is an interactive programming block featuring high performance muscle cars, wild jet drag trucks, industry savvy news and retrospectives on historic classics.

- Muscle Car Celebrating America's love affair with these fabled '60's and 70's era muscle cars, the series focuses on finding, restoring and modifying iconic Detroit iron like the Pontiac GTO, the Hemi Cuba, the Boss Mustang and the Chevelle SS.

- Current Cycle of 11 Episodes

- Extreme 4X4, Hosted by Ian Johnson and Jessi Combs, this series features hardcore 4x4 build-ups and off-road truck projects, plus extreme action events - rock crawling, desert racing, sand drags, mud racing, and trail riding adventure.

- Current Cycle of 11 Episodes

CARPOCALYPSE takes us on a riotous journey, where reality programming meets the future of smash-up derby.

- Season Two - 10 Episodes