Blair Underwood, Melissa George and Dianne Wiest are set to join the HBO drama, In Treatment.

Gabriel Byrne stars in the show as Paul, a therapist who is calm, smooth, insightful and nonconfrontational with his patients but becomes a testy self-doubting man full of barely concealed anger when he is a patient seeing his own shrink. The show is based on the popular and critically acclaimed Israeli series.

Underwood will play one of Paul's patients, a fighter pilot who suffers the effects of a botched raid he was involved in years before that killed not only he three perpetrators but three underage hostages. The Hollywood Reporter adds George will play another patient, a resident in anesthesia at John Hopkins Hospital who is infatuated with the older, married Paul. Wiest will play Paul's former supervisor and mentor who he goes to see for a therapy session eight years after dropping her.

In Treatment is in pre-production; look for it to start airing next year on HBO.