There is no indication currently that we're going to get a new Blair Witch movie. But if that day ever does come, one of the original directors behind The Blair Witch Project has some very big, ambitious ideas. Eduardo Sanchez, who co-directed the original, groundbreaking found footage horror movie alongside Daniel Myrick, has shared some of his potential plans for the future of the franchise on the big screen.

The Blair Witch Project, released in 1999, was one of the most revolutionary horror movies ever released, bringing the concept of found footage horror to the masses. There have been follow-ups, such as the much-maligned Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, and 2016's surprise sequel, simply titled Blair Witch. But neither of those movies matched the original. Now, in a new interview, Eduardo Sánchez explains how he'd bring the series back to the big screen.

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"I still think that there is a way to bring back a little bit of the mystery of Blair Witch, which is the newness of it. I'm not sure if going on the sequel route is the way to do it. For me, it would have to be a uniquely singular film. It'd have to be a film that somehow had, not found footage again, of course, but something that does something that doesn't look like a normal film, that doesn't have the same subject matter as a normal film. I think that the Blair Witch film property should have gone backwards. We should have gone back in time and done period pieces of the mythology, and those elements. But again, bringing a unique vision, whether it's a new filmmaker or a new screenwriter or somebody, but bring a unique vision to it, that sets it apart from everything else in the universe, in that world."

Indeed, there is a rich history behind the Blair Witch herself, in addition to the woods that the movies have taken place in, that has yet to be truly explored. One could argue the appeal of these movies is the mystery but, executed in just the right way, a period piece diving into that history could be a unique way to revive the series. And that's exactly what Eduardo Sanchez wants to do.

"I've always had a desire to do the original story of how Elly Kedward was found guilty and banished into the woods, and what happened to that, Blair Township, in the late 1700s. What happened to them? To me, that was the movie that I wanted to make after the first Blair Witch. We had a little bit of a window where I think we could have got it. We could have gotten it done, but the timetable wasn't right. It just wasn't, for a lot of different reasons. I know Dan and I and [producer] Gregg [Hale], when we talk Blair Witch franchise, we always felt that each of the films would have their own signature. First of all, they obviously shouldn't be found footage, especially the period pieces. We were thinking of shooting the Rustin Parr story in black and white and shooting the Elly Kedward story with completely unknown actors from Europe, with really thick accents. Making it as unique and authentic as possible. What the United States looked like at that time. I think that that, to me, I'm still excited about, because whether it's the Blair Witch or something else, I still have these ideas, and I still have some films that I'd like to make, whether they're with Blair Witch or not, I don't know."

It sounds like that could have some The Witch vibes. Whether or not this movie ever gets made remains to be seen. Right now we know there is a Blair Witch video game coming down the pipeline this summer, as well as a TV series that initially came to light last year. Though, we haven't heard much about it since. This news comes to us via