Blazing Saddles: Mel Brooks' legendary spoof of movie Westerns is coming to disc on June 29th.

The film was one of two comedy classics from Brooks released in theaters in 1974 (the other was Young Frankenstein). The movies are Brooks' two most commercially successful of his career. Another of his films, Dracula: Dead and Loving It, will also be released on DVD the same day.

Blazing Saddles, starring Gene Wilder as the Waco Kid, Cleavon Little as Black Bart and Mel Brooks, Madeline Kahn, Harvey Korman and Slim Pickens as the henchman whose posse was slowed by a single-lane toll gate in the middle of the desert, grossed nearly $120 million in U.S. theaters and has sold more than 3 million copies on VHS, laserdisc and a bare-bones DVD edition.

The new DVD features a new video transfer and a remastered 5.1 audio mix accentuating the memorable soundtrack that includes the title song that was nominated for an Academy Award.

Also included in the bonus features are additional scenes and a 1975 TV pilot inspired by the movie called Black Bart, starring Lou Gossett Jr. and Steve Landesberg.

A cast and crew reunion documentary previously released on VHS called Back in the Saddle and a Lifetime Intimate Portrait profile of Kahn are also part of the package, along with scene-specific audio commentary by Brooks.