Nearly five decades after its release, the classic comedy Blazing Saddles is trending on Twitter with thousands of fans praising what many say is a cinematic masterpiece. Directed by iconic filmmaker Mel Brooks, who recently celebrated turning 95 years old, the movie starred Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder in the lead roles. Brooks also appears in the movie and co-wrote the script with Richard Pryor, Norman Steinberg, Andrew Bergman, and Al Uger.

A black comedy Western that serves as a satire of race relations in the United States, Blazing Saddles follows railroad worker Bart (Little) as he becomes the first Black sheriff of the frontier town of Rock Ridge. When a group of thugs arrive to decimate the town's population, it's up to Bart and his drunken pal Jim (Wilder) to thwart their plans. The movie was nominated for three Oscars with Little earning a BAFTA nomination for Best Newcomer.

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On Twitter, thousands of fans have been praising Blazing Saddles with the movie currently trending on the social media platform. This even includes actress Holly Robinson Peete, whose family was close to Little before the actor's death. From her viewpoint, Blazing Saddles is still her favorite movie of all time, and Peete couldn't help but share her thoughts on the movie and Little with the movie trending on Twitter.

"Blazing Saddles was my favorite movie!!" Peete tweeted. "Saw it at 10 years old and thought I would literally pass out laughing at the campfire scene. most of the rest of it went over my head. The late brilliant Cleavon Little was like an Uncle and helped my mother start a new life for us."

In a followup tweet, Peete adds: "True many of the younger generation may not be able to relate to blazing saddles because it was just a different time. Mel Brooks skewered EVERYONE But the brilliance /self deprication was next level. Cleavon killed that part...which was supposed to go to Richard Pryor."

Meanwhile, Peete also paid tribute to Little in honor of the occasion. Posting a collage of the late actor, Peete wrote: "so I'm gonna take advantage of the fact that Blazing Saddles is trending to do a #CleavonLittle appreciation thread! My uncle Cleavon starred on Broadway in the musical Purlie where he won a Tony. He did TV and movies but Blazing Saddles was the role he was born to play!"

"Cleavon Little passed at just 53 in 1992 of colon cancer," Peete says in another tweet. "My mom & I had the honor of being with him in his final moments. I got the chance to thank him for giving our family a leg up when we needed it. He was hilarious right until his last breath. We miss you, Uncle Cleavon."

One reason that Blazing Saddles is trending is that a popular question on Twitter asks people to name movies they've seen at least ten times. Many of the lists include Blazing Saddles as it's one of those classic titles that still holds up very well even as the decades pass by. Another popular question on the platform quizzes people to name the "best comedy movie ever," and some are saying Blazing Saddles.

Blazing Saddles is currently streaming on AMC+, if you're looking to watch the movie. You can also see what other fans are saying about Blazing Saddles on Twitter. It should also be noted that Blazing Saddles is being remade as an animated family comedy called Blazing Samurai, coming to theaters soon enough.