With the summer movie season in full swing, fans are being inundated with big-budget blockbusters every weekend. This weekend is no different, with Universal and Legendary rolling out their epic video game adaptation Warcraft, which hasn't released any budget figures as of yet, but it most likely cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 million, perhaps more. If you've ever wondered where all that money actually goes, a new video has surfaced that breaks it all down for you.

Vanity Fair posted an intriguing video on YouTube that breaks down what every single person working on a $200 million movie would make. The video is formatted like an end credits scroll, showing the individual's title and salary. Take a look at the official video description below.

"Find out the budget breakdown of a hypothetical Hollywood blockbuster. In using the budgets of actual +200MM blockbuster movies as references, this video excludes non-human costs, and reflects an approximation of the take home pay of all humans involved, based on average union rates. Please note not every budget breakdown is the same, and some roles are subject to wider fluctuations than others. This is here to serve as approximations based on a hypothetical film which has never been made."

We don't know for sure, but it seems likely that these figures represent each person's up-front take, without figuring in any back-end pay. Most high-end actors, directors, writers and producers have what's known as "first-dollar gross points," which gives them a cut of the movie's box office revenues. For example, it was widely reported that Robert Downey Jr. earned an estimated $50 million alone from 2012's The Avengers, after receiving bonuses for box office performance and back-end pay from gross points from Marvel. Johnny Depp was also rumored to earn $250 million from the four Pirates of the Caribbean movies, while director Michael Bay reportedly earned roughly $80 million from just the first Transformers movie, after back-end pay was factored in.

Still, while many of these salaries are quite staggering, this video reveals how much your average gaffer, best boy and key grip take home, which doesn't exactly make them millionaires. Of course, this video only presents an estimation of costs, and this formula certainly doesn't apply to every single movie. With all that being said, take a look at this intriguing four-minute video to see how much everyone on a $200 million movie is likely making.