At the very least, the battle between Blockbuster and Netflix is interesting.

In a story from Variety, Blockbuster is now directly going after Netflix customers. Basically, if you a Netflix subscriber brings in "a tear-off address label from one of Netflix's signature red envelopes," than they get a free rental from Blockbuster. If a customer presents multiple labels than they get multiple rentals.

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This doesn't come without a catch, however. Customers have "to sign up for a free Blockbuster membership," which then allows the home video giant to collect data on Netflix customers and even potentially target those customers to join Blockbuster's own online rental service."

The Blockbuster promotion runs until December 21.

"If your business is losing money in the stores and your online business has not made a significant dent to your competitor," said Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey, "then this seems like one of those long football passes down the field."