Blockbuster is going indie. According to Variety, Blockbuster has inked a two-year deal with IFC Films to rent their films exclusively in their stores. The rental chain will get a 60-day exclusive rental period, in which IFC films will be available nowhere else for rental, retail or digital distribution. Once those 60 days are up, IFC titles will be available for retail and digital distribution non-exclusively, although the rental chain will still hold exclusive physical rental rights for the films for up to three years after the DVD release date.

Blockbuster has plans to showcase these indie films in over 1,000 of its 6,000 stores worldwide, and it also plans to promote the films through and

"It gives millions of customers increased access to our movies," said Lisa Schwartz, IFC senior VP of sales and business development.

The first wave of films to be available through Blockbuster include Savage Grace, Dans Paris and Hannah Takes the Stairs.