It seems that rental chain Blockbuster has found a new way to keep up with Netflix and Redbox with its own kind of rental kiosks. Fast Company is reporting that Blockbuster is starting up a new kiosk program that will allow users to rent films from SD-card kiosks.

The rentals will cost $1.99 and users can bring their own SD cards and download the movie to the card. An upside is the consumer obviously doesn't have to return the movie, but a DRM will be employed that has an expiration date for the film. Once the film is downloaded, you can watch through any SD-enabled device like mobile phones, laptops or televisions, although there are still many devices that aren't SD-ready at this time.

It was said that the higher picture quality from these SD cards is an attempt to lure customers back from streaming services like Netflix. It also wasn't clear when Blockbuster would start rolling out these kiosks either. CLICK HERE to read more on these new SD kiosks.