Blockbuster Video is just barely clinging on to life with only one video store left in the world, but this week, the famous chain made its first post on Twitter since 2014. Not since the start of that year had we seen anything posted to the official Blockbuster account on the social media platform, back when the company was closing the doors to most of all its stores and promoting its store-closing specials. Perhaps the massive downsizing of the company as a whole has meant that updating social media has since fallen down Blockbuster's priority list, but over six years past the last time they tweeted, the video store chain officially returned to Twitter this week.

Blockbuster Twitter

"Just checking in," the company tweeted on Tuesday, including a hand-waving emoji. As people still love Blockbuster across the world, the tweet quickly grew in popularity, earning over 800,000 likes in less than a day's time. Thousands of retweets and comments were also quick to follow. Many of those responding seem enthusiastic about the tweet, hopeful that the post is teasing a Blockbuster resurgence. Others are merely taking the opportunity to let the video store chain know how much they've missed them in recent years, begging for Blockbuster to come back to their own local areas.

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Blockbuster Twitter #2

Unfortunately, it appears that the return of Blockbuster to Twitter was over just as quickly as it began. "Ok, we've seen enough. Checking out," the company added with an additional tweet posted just a matter of hours later. There isn't any information given as to what scared the video store chain away from Twitter, but the social media platform is known for having its users often posting vitriolic tweets. Given that we are also quickly approaching the presidential election with an intense division of both sides, there has been more arguing online than usual, and maybe it was just too much to bear for a brand that hasn't taken a look at Twitter in over six years.

Also announced this week is the special summer sleepover event offered by the last surviving Blockbuster store in Bend, Oregon. For three nights only, the video store will be converted into an AirBnB, complete with a makeshift living room setup in the middle of the store. Visitors will have complete access to the video store's complete library of movies, including Blu-rays, DVDs, and even a VHS player. Video games will also be available. The store will be providing free pizza, candy, Pepsi, and other snacks to guests as well. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the experience is only being offered to locals as a way to thank the community for keeping the store in business.

Who knows what's going on with Blockbuster's brief Twitter return, or if the company will wait another six years or so before posting another update. What is clear, judging by the largely positive responses, is that Blockbuster is still very popular with people who are still very nostalgic for the brand, even with most every store having closed. This news comes to us from Blockbuster on Twitter.