It's been a while since we've gotten a good horror anthology in our filthy little hands. And no summer is completely without a visit from the local boogeyman. Today, we have the thrilling first trailer for Blood Clots. And it's a depraved shot of blood-soaked fun that we think you'll enjoy.

Premiering on Vimeo and Amazon, August 3rd, Blood Clots is a collection of horror stories curated by Freedom Cinema, consisting of shorts by New York distributor Hewes Pictures. Featuring cannibals, zombies and other funny creatures, the anthology stars many recognizable actors such as Brooke Smith (The Silence of the Lambs), Harry Sinclair (Lord of the Rings), Madalina Bellariu Ion (Young Pope) and Kristin Slaysman (The Last Tycoon, Masters of Sex) among many others.

The collection is made up of seven short, gore-filled stories that will surely please the fans of the genre. Whether it is an awkward dinner with an ancient creature in "The Call of Charlie", or a rightfully justified fear of basements in "Time to Eat", "Blood Clots" has it all.

The anthology features stories directed by Evan Hughes, Sid Zanforlin, Luke Guidici, Carl Timms, Patrick Longstreth, Timothy J. Richardson, Martyn Pick and Nick Spooner. Blood Clots is being sold on the star power of Silence of the Lambs' Brooke Smith, who played abducted young girl Catherine Martin in the Oscar-winning thriller. She went onto play Carolyn Pope in the hit series Six Feet Under, and had substantial roles on Weeds and Grey's Anatomy. She has more recently been seen on Ray Donavan, Bates Motel, and The Crossing.

Brooke Smith is front and center in this new trailer, which is quick to compliment itself for being 'an outstanding concept'. Which is true, since it's been utilized in other horror favorites such as Creep Show, V/H/S/, Trick 'r Treat, Tales From the Hood, Cat's Eye, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, and countless others. You really can't go wrong when you dump a bunch of genre cliches into a big pot and stir hard.

The music here starts out a little unassuming. We could be watching a romantic drama unfold. The teaser quietly runs through the cast, then suddenly a girl is taking her top off, and a monster is handing a young boy a drink of water, 'Wait, what the heck am I watching?'

According to, Blood Clots contains, 'One of the best kill scenes you'll ever see in a horror flick.' That's certainly high praise, seeing as how there are countless great kill scenes in too many movies to count. We're sure Freddy, Jason and Micheal might have something to say about this.

As the teaser goes on, we see further evidence that this thing isn't messing around. Blood flies, monsters come out, and a beach party is apparently going to be ruined by a scary squid like creature. These 7 stories promise to dig a small spoon into your belly and gobble away. Can you take the heat? I can't.

Blood Clots looks like a fun night on the couch, whether alone or with someone that can grab your arm and squeeze real hard. Be sure to get that Hawaiian Punch ready, sprinkle some cinnamon on your popcorn, and settle in for the best campfire stories your going to hear this summer. Hewes Pictures is happy to present the Blood Clots trailer. I'll let you know when it's safe to come out from under the couch. How'd you get under there anyway?

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B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange