Fangoria has learned that Uwe Boll is proceeding with Bloodrayne 2, the sequel to his adaptation of the Majesco video game from earlier this year.

Taking over from Kristanna Loken in the title role is Natassia Malthe (Skinwalkers), and the setting has been switched from Transylvania to the Wild West.

Fangoria received a press-release on the film that described the film: "Broads, bullets and blood will fly in Bloodrayne 2 ... Rayne enters the Western town of Deliverance and faces off at High Midnight against the most evil, merciless vampire in the West...Billy the Kid! Forget about Wyatt Earp. Forget about the OK Corral. This is the true story of how the West was won!"

Filming will begin November 22 in British Columbia, Canada; further casting has yet to be announced.