While the release of most big-budget 2020 movies were delayed for several months due to the lockdown, Vin Diesel's Bloodshot had the misfortune of starting its run in theaters before prematurely being taken down as theater chains closed back in March. Now, the film has another shot at making money for theaters with a second run at the box-office, as announced by AMC on Twitter.

"BLOODSHOT released March 13th and had a 4-day theatrical run, so we're bringing it back! See @Bloodshot starring @VinDiesel on the big screen starting 8/20 and earn double points!"
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Bloodshot is an adaptation of a Valiant comics series of the same name. The movie tells the tale of U.S. marine Ray Garrison, played by Vin Diesel, who is horrifically injured in an incident that kills his wife. After undergoing an experimental medical procedure involving nanite technology, Garrison finds he has gained several superhuman abilities, including quicker reflexes and extremely rapid healing. The rest of the film follows Garrison's quest to get to the bottom of his wife's murder while realizing his newly-resurrected body might not be as completely under his control as he had imagined.

After debuting in theaters back in March, Bloodshot was able to make a little more than $37 million at the global box office before getting pulled from cinemas following the lockdown. After that, the film got a second wind through VOD sales, where Bloodshot topped the best-selling titles charts for several days, although the exact amount earned by VOD sales has not been revealed.

It will be interesting to see if the lure of watching a months-old movie on the big screen will be enough to bring people back to theaters, despite the mixed reviews Bloodshot earned from critics. It's not just the fate of the movie itself, but an entire cinematic universe that hangs in the balance, since Bloodshot was meant to kickstart an entire Valiant Comics movie franchise in the vein of the MCU.

On their end, AMC has come up with several sanitation measures to reassure customers that they can watch a movie in theaters without risking infection. This includes a mask requirement for all employees and customers, social distancing guidelines, and reduced auditorium capacities to allow for sufficient space between theater-goers.

There are also cashless transaction setups, and a simplified menu selection to avoid long lines or spending any more time in crowds than is required. Hand Sanitizer & Disinfecting Wipes have been made available in plenty, while managers and crew members have their temperatures read before starting their shifts, with the condition that anyone who has a fever or symptoms is required to self-quarantine until symptom-free for at least 72 hours.

It now remains to be seen if all these precautions will convince audiences to return to cinemas to watch Vin Diesel go on an unstoppable rampage for close to two hours. Directed by Dave Wilson, with a script by Eric Heisserer, and Jeff Wadlow, Bloodshot stars Vin Diesel, Guy Pearce, and Toby Kebbell. The film will be in select theaters from August 20.