Let Me in, Matt Reeves's upcoming remake of the vampire thriller Let the Right One in, arrives in time for Halloween, opening on October 1st of this year. In anticipation of the film's release, Overture Films kicked off its viral marketing campaign earlier today by sending lucky residents across the United States a very blood evidence bag containing an oil funnel through the mail. This gory bit of crime scene memorabilia was originally retrieved on February 17th, 1983 at 8:22 am by a "K. Olson". To see pictures from this ominous package, check out the photos below:

Bloody Funnel Evidence Bag #1
Bloody Funnel Evidence Bag #2
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Bloody Funnel Evidence Bag #3

An alienated 12-year-old boy befriends a mysterious young newcomer in his small New Mexico town, and discovers an unconventional path to adulthood in Let Me in, a haunting and provocative thriller written and directed by filmmaker Matt Reeves (Cloverfield).