The format war goes on!

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, "Blu-ray Disc titles outsold rival HD-DVD titles by almost 2-to-1 in the first nine months of the year, but analysts expect additional HD-DVD support and new hit releases to "transform" the high-definition DVD battle score in the fourth quarter."

According to Home Media Research "U.S. sales of Blu-ray discs, using a Sony Corp.-backed technology, totaled 2.6 million units from Jan. 1-Sept. 30, versus 1.4 million HD-DVD discs sold."

The playing field got leveled "in August when Paramount and DreamWorks Animation SKG signed exclusivity deals to distribute their next-generation discs on HD-DVD format for the next 18 months."

According to "Gerry Kaufhold, analyst with In-Stat research firm... newly released HD-DVD titles with new advanced Web-enabled features, such as Paramount's Transformers will help the HD-DVD camp in the fourth quarter."

Also, "Tom Adams, president of Adams Media Research, also said the 18-month period of exclusivity for HD-DVDs by Paramount and DreamWorks should strengthen HD-DVD's hand this quarter."

Despite this, "Adams predicts that for 2007 overall, consumers will spend $186 million purchasing Blu-ray discs, versus $91 million for HD-DVD."