While the format war rages on here in the States, it seems that Blu-Ray has a decided edge across the pond.

According to a story from The Hollywood Reporter, Blu-Ray discs have passed the 1 million sales milestone. The format also has a whopping percentage of the high-def market in Europe, with Blu-Ray discs accounting for 73% of the sales this year, compared to HD DVD's 27%.

"This is an important milestone for Blu-ray Disc in Europe and proves once again that whenever consumers have the choice they decide overwhelmingly in favor of BD," said Frank Simonis, chairman of the Blu-ray Disc European Promotions Committee. "Early indicators show that the Christmas holiday season will be exceptionally good for Blu-ray Disc across all categories, from packaged media to standalone players and BD capable games consoles."

The peak of BD sales in Europe was in the week ending November 4, where 66,000 discs were sold, most likely due to the influx of such blockbusters like 300, Spider-Man 3, Live Free or Die Hard and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End