Hollywood is going 3-D and BD is looking to keep up with the times. According to EE Times, The Blu-Ray Disc Association is currently developing its stance on bringing stereoscopic 3-D technology into homes.

"There are discussions going on right now, and we are putting together a public statement," said Andy Parsons, chairman of the association's marketing group.

It is believed that Blu-Ray will be the first to deliver a stereoscopic 3-D film, which combines separate images for the left eye and the right eye into one, converging into a unique 3-D experience, to the home theater. The main reason for this is the BD discs have a greater amount of bandwith that will be needed to store both sets of images for each eye.

"The first real stereo 3-D for the home will be via Blu-Ray and for that you need a standard format," said an unnamed senior executive at one large consumer electronics company.

"If everything goes perfectly this could happen in 2010 or 2011, but it never goes like that," the executive added. "Hopefully there will not be a format war."

There have been more than 80 films either made or put in development in this stereoscopic 3-D format since 2007.