According to The Hollywood Reporter, one of the two groups vying to produce the next generation of DVDs rolled out new security features Tuesday to entice entertainment and electronics companies to adopt its technology.

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), a partnership of electronics manufacturers and Hollywood studios including Hewlett-Packard Co. and 20th Century Fox, said it plans to fight piracy by embedding an identification mark on movies, music and video games that can only be read by equipment that carry its technology.

"It's been a promise since day one: that we're committed to offering the strongest content management system," said Marty Gordon, vice president of Phillips Electronics and a Blu-ray spokesman. The new security features are the latest volley in the battle between Blu-ray and a competing group, HD-DVD, which is backed by such companies as Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Toshiba Corp. and Sanyo Electric. Eventually, the two sides must convince DVD fans.