While HD DVD just recently dropped out of the high-def game, it seems that Blu-Ray players have been rising in cost ever since Warner Bros. announced it was going Blu-Ray exclusive.

According to TGDaily, the prices of many Blu-Ray players has been on the rise ever since early January. On January 1, three days before the Warner announcement, a Panasonic DMP-BD30K cost $401 and on March 2 it was up to $495, and a Sony BDP-S300 had risen from $307 to $386 in that same timeframe.

The only Blu-Ray player that showed significant decreases throughout the first two months of 2008, was the BH-200 from LG, which is a DUO player that supports both Blu-Ray and HD DVD.

On the HD DVD side, it's been quite the opposite. Prices for the Toshiba HD-A3 have declined from $198 to $101 and the HD-A30 has decreased from $254 to $134.