The first quarter of 2007 definitely goes to Blu-ray.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, it seems that "of the high-definition discs bought by consumers in the first quarter, 70% were in the Blu-ray Disc format and 30% were HD-DVD."

The numbers were "provided by Home Media Magazine's market research department."

February saw Blu-ray take the lead over it's rival format "and its percentage of total sales accelerated to the point where it accounted for nearly three out of every four high-definition discs sold in March."

When faced with choice of the same title in Blu-ray and HD-DVD, Blu-ray clearly won out. A good example of this was Warner Home Video's The Departed. Both versions were released on February 13. "Between then and March 31, consumers bought 53,640 copies of the film on Blu-ray Disc and 31,590 on HD-DVD, according to Home Media Magazine's market research, based on studio estimates and Nielsen VideoScan point-of-sale data"

In addition to that, "research also shows that eight of the 10 top-selling high-definition titles in the first quarter were on Blu-ray Disc. At the top of the list is Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's Casino Royale, which sold through to consumers an estimated 59,680 units in the first quarter. The Blu-ray Disc edition of The Departed finished second, while the HD-DVD version of that Oscar-winning film placed third."

Lastly, in the months from January to March, "consumers bought almost 1.2 million high-definition discs -- 832,530 Blu-ray units and 359,300 HD DVDs -- according to Home Media Magazine. In March, consumers bought 335,980 Blu-ray Discs and 119,570 HD DVDs."

Since the high-def format came on the market around this time last year (HD- DVD appeared in April and Blu-ray in June), "more than 2.14 million discs have been purchased by consumers: 1.2 million Blu-ray Discs and about 937,500 HD- DVDs."