Blu-Ray is atop the hi-def mountain once again.

For the first time since August, Blu-Ray has surpassed the HD-DVD format in number of titles released. HD-DVD took the lead when Paramount Home Entertainment and Dreamworks Animation SKG removed 29 titles from its Blu-Ray library, which was enough to give HD-DVD the lead in titles released. Now it seems that Blu-Ray is back on top, though, according to Home Media Magazine, with a slight 332 to 328 lead over HD-DVD.

While this fourth quarter of the year is typically crucial for both formats, it no longer is the conclusive factor it once was, according to Jim Bottoms of the home entertainment research firm Understanding & Solutions.

"There is growing concern throughout the industry that both high-definition disc formats could be lost completely in a world of competing delivery options and viewing platforms," Bottoms said. "As we stand today, industry support for [Blu-ray] across content and hardware remains the strongest grouping, and it is therefore the format with the greatest chance of market success, although its strength is being eroded.

"Whatever happens, continued competition between the two groups will lead to continuing confusion and uncertainty, and therefore delayed consumer purchase decisions."

It looks like Blu-Ray has solidified its lead for the rest of the year as well. Backers of Blu-Ray already have 66 releases in the pipeline, above the 42 titles for HD-DVD backers. If everything stays in place, Blu-Ray will end 2007 with a total of 406 movies available, while HD-DVD will have 372.