Blu-ray DVD is here and it's arrival is a tad smoother than that of HD. Sort of.

In a story from Variety, there were no delays in getting the seven Blu-ray titles into stores as planned. The biggest stumbling block is that the machines to play the movies won't be available until next week.

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This contrasts a bit with HD-DVD. When those titles were brought to market Warner Bros. and Universal were only able to get three of the four released on time. That said, Blu-ray titles were also delayed a bit on their way to this past Tuesday's release. Add to this that Samsung missed it's May 23 release date and one starts to wonder why the new formats are being released in such a piecemeal manner.

Sony shipped about 15,000 copies of titles like Hitch and Underworld: Evolution. These numbers were similar to that of HD-DVD when it began shipping.

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