Some stunning news coming out of the home entertainment industry that indicates Blu-ray is getting even bigger... literally. A brand new off-shoot of the Blu-ray Disc Association dubbed the Blu-Ray Association In Favor Of LaserDisc (BRAIFOLD) has just been formed and they have revealed their plans to bring back the LaserDisc and integrate the ginormous discs with Blu-ray!

The sheer size of the disc will expand the BD's disc space by at least 100-fold and BRAIFOLD has indicated it plans to use these vinyl-sized discs to their advantage.

"The days of 20, 30, 40-disc sets will be a thing of the past with BROLD (Blu-ray On LaserDisc)," said BRAIFOLD chairman Slappy Simmons. "Complete TV series sets like The Sopranos: The Complete Seasons 1-6.2, Star Trek: The Original Series - Complete Series and My Own Worst Enemy: The Complete Series, which are so massive for collectors and not yet in Blu-ray, will now be available on one single, oversized, awesome disc."

Simmons also indicated that BROLD would also cater to the normal single-disc or two-disc movie releases, with negotiations under way to bring a whole lot more to your living room.

"Obviously, there is going to be so much space left over on these discs, it would be a tragedy to let them go to waste," Simmons said. "So, we're undergoing intense negotiations with all of the studios to bring content that the viewers never see... like all of the dailies. That's right. Every single shred of footage that is shot on a film will soon be available on BROLD... if we can meet their price."

If all goes according to plan, the BROLD's from BRAIFOLD will hit the market on February 31st, 2010.

In related news, singer Blu Cantrell is suing the both the Blu-ray Disc Association and the Blu-ray Association In Favor Of LaserDisc for infringing on her name with their products and marketing strategies...