It seems that even Blu-Ray has its troubles as well. According to Wired, a class-acton lawsuit has been filed against Samsung, alledging that, since June 2006, they knowingly manufactured deficient Blu-Ray players and also neglected to provide new firmware updates for those players.

The head plaintiff, Bob McGovern, said that he purchased a Samsung BD-P1200 player last summer, and said player was unable to play "numerous Blu-ray disc titles," which he believes is due to "defective design and/or manufacture."

It was reported last year that two Blu-Ray discs in particular, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and The Day After Tomorrow, which were both released on October 2 of last year, were having playback problems in some players, including the PlayStation 3. Those problems were alleviated, however, with new firmware updates, which Samsung apparently refuses to provide for some players.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF file which describes the case thoroughly.