The format war is definitely heating up...

According to, Digital Playground, one of the biggest distributors of adult entertainment, will release its first title in Blu-Ray, after going with HD DVD for the past year.

"The advantage of HD DVD over Blu-ray is the cost factor, both in manufacturing and the players," said Joone, the founder of Digital Playground. He also added that the rest of the porn industry is "basically behind HD DVD because of manufacturing costs. It costs a lot more to put out a title on Blu-ray."

The company released four titles in HD DVD this year, but will be releasing its widely-successful Pirates - which is said to be the most expensive porn production in history and actually garnered an R rating from the MPAA - in Blu-Ray to answer the demand, especially from Playstation 3 owners.

"A lot of people were emailing that bought a PlayStation and they were basically saying, 'When are you guys going to release Blu-ray?' They really have no preference in format yet because it's so now. When it comes down to image quality, there is no difference between the two," Joone said.

Despite the move to Blu-Ray, Joone said Digital Playground will apparently be the Warner Bros. of adult videos, releasing their films in both formats.

"We're looking at releasing to both formats until there is a clear-cut winner."