A sequel to Blubberella once seemed like a definite thing, but no one is really asking for it. It will forever be a one-off cult movie buried on Netflix, and despite it continuing to grow a steady audience, that strong fanbase seems so ashamed that they love the movie, they're afraid to ask for a follow-up. And maybe that's an okay thing.

The movie was envisioned as a direct-to-video franchise way back in 2011. A throwaway joke capable of earning quick cash with its quirky premise. The storyline followed a woman so obese, her footsteps caused explosions. In the movie, she takes on a Nazi army with her trusty duel swords, ready to slice anyone that makes fun of her.

Director Uwe Boll is pretty confident a sequel will never happen.

The film was shot simultaneously with Bloodrayne: The Third Reich, using the same sets and actors. A director who likes to utilize his budget to the fullest, Uwe Boll was also making the controversial drama Auschwitz at the same time. That meant a lot of attention was focused elsewhere when it came to star Lindsay Hollister and her superhero alter ego.

We recently spoke with Uwe Boll about the movie and its proposed sequel, something that seemed like a sure thing back on the set in 2009. The original made back its money, but that doesn't always mean a follow-up should happen. The director reflected on the prospects of revisiting the property, shaking his head no at the thought.

" I would do Postal 2. I want to revisit Postal. And I would hire Lindsay Hollister for that sequel. But I don't want to do Blubberella 2."

A legend in his own right, the notorious German autuer, who has been called this generation's worst filmmaker, offered his thoughts on the movie a couple of years removed from its production.

"The thing is, I know Blubberella would have been a lot better if we had time to do it. But we shot it parallel to Bloodrayne: The Third Reich. I think, in Blubberella, 40 minutes are really, really funny. And really trashy. But the other 40 minutes are like...'Fuuuck! Why didn't they give me enough time to do it properly?' I think we could have worked it a little better. And I think this is one of the reasons Lindsay Hollister was a little disappointed. Because she was sitting in her costume on set, in her trailer, waiting, and we would bring her out to shoot her scenes. But I had to focus on Bloodrayne: The Third Reich. And that turned out to be a complicated shoot. It was 85% Bloodrayne: The Third Reich and only 15% Blubberella. This was unfair for Blubberella. To retackle a sequel, it needs to be properly done."

Maybe one day, some brave new filmmaker will find his muse and be able to reboot the Blubberella franchise, bringing it the glory that it truly deserves. Until that time, she is one and done. Sorry, folks. There is no more Blubberella. And when we point out to Uwe that Lindsay has lost a substantial amount of weight since her days as Blubberella, he seems disappointed more than happy for the actress.

Okay. This is BAD!"

Are you disappointed that Blubberella will never get the sequel it deserves? If you are unfamiliar with the movie, here's the trailer just to prove this isn't some kind of belated April Fool's Day joke.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange