Happy Death Day helmer Christopher Landon has lined up his next gig at Blumhouse, as the filmmaker will write and direct a new horror movie for the studio. Jason Blum of Blumhouse is also on board to produce the secret Blumhouse horror project, with production expected to begin in Atlanta, Georgia in October. As of now, plot details are being kept under wraps, but the story will reportedly follow a killer wreaking havoc in a small town. That certainly sounds like the formula for a slasher movie, and there's some speculation it could be a rumored reboot of Scream. However, given the underwhelming response to the VH1 revival which aired on TV earlier this summer, it seems more likely to be an original premise from Landon.

Certainly, Christopher Landon is best known as the director of the 2017 slasher movie Happy Death Day, also produced by Blumhouse. With a touch of inspiration from Groundhog Day, the movie follows a college student who keeps getting killed repeatedly on her birthday, waking up after every murder to relive the horrific events all over again. Determined to put a stop to the madness, she must unmask the killer and get to the bottom of her endless deaths. Landon continued the story earlier this year with Happy Death Day 2 U, the official sequel which he also wrote.

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Publicly, Landon has been rather open in the past about his desire to turn the Happy Death Day series into a trilogy. Before the release of the sequel, the filmmaker said Jason Blum would be interested in producing a third installment if enough people saw the second one. While HD2U was profitable, it did fall short of the project expectations Blumhouse had been hoping for, leaving the future of the series uncertain. Earlier in the summer, there was a bit of an update, as rumors began to hit the web that Landon was indeed developing a third movie. However, Landon personally shut down the rumors, saying on Twitter no third movie would be going into development unless "Netflix wants to pony-up and finish this trilogy."

Beyond Happy Death Day, Christoppher Landon has made a name for himself in the horror genre. He began his career as a writer, co-writing Disturbia and later working on the screenplays for the second, third, and fourth Paranormal Activity movies. Landon then made his directorial debut by helming the fifth installment of the series, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, in addition to writing the script. Additionally, Landon directed the 2015 zombie comedy movie Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

Blumhouse clearly sees a lot of promise in Landon as a horror filmmaker, and it's going to be interesting to see what the creative director has in store for us next. The Happy Death Day movies may not have made as much money for the studio as David Gordon Green's Halloween, but they're still very fun and refreshingly original. Let's hope his next effort is also just as unique. This news was first reported by DiscussingFilm.