Bo Burnham, the songwriting comedian who turned 18 in August, is in talks with Universal to write and create the music for a comedy that Judd Apatow will produce. Burnham also could star in the project, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film is being described as a sort of anti-High School Musical, though it is not a parody.

Burnham will co-write the script with Luke Liacos.

Burnham began recording his songs in his bedroom with a camera resting on a stack of books a couple of years ago, initially with the aim to put them on YouTube as way to keep in touch with his older brother, who left for college. He began gaining a following, with some songs going on to snag millions of hits on YouTube,, MySpace and

Burnham, who recently graduated from an all-boys Catholic school in Danvers, Mass., solidified his comedic status with a standout performance at this summer's Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, where he hooked up with Apatow. Burnham recently signed a four-album deal with the record arm of Comedy Central and taped a special for the channel.

No production date has been set.