TV director Jenny Ash is developing a new film on the life of legendary reggae singer Bob Marley, according to Deadline London.

Ash, who is nominated for an Emmy Award for her direction on the History Channel mini-series America: The Story of Us, will focus the biopic on Marley's time spent living in London in 1977. Marley fled from Jamaica to London after an attempt was made on his life. There, he started up an affair with Cindy Breakspeare. Ash told the site the film will center on the love triangle between Marley, his wife Rita and Breakspeare. Here's a brief excerpt from the site's article:

"There's never been a fiction film about Marley. We've never had a sense of him as a real man, as opposed to the legend."

The site also reports that the film is facing a potential problem in that Ash hasn't secured the rights to any of Marley's songs, as of yet. It was said that Rita Marley's animosity towards Breakspeare could lead to difficulties in securing the music rights.

We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further details on this Bob Marley biopic as soon as we have more information.