The time has arrived - they are no longer the robots in disguise! Transformers screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci announced which Autobots and Decepticons we will see in the upcoming film.

As a kid, you had your choice - Transformers or Voltron - and of course, your obvious choice was Transformers; Voltron was always the lesser of the two. Optimus Prime - the original Transformers character, the one we all cried over when he died in the 1986 movie version. Peter Cullen did the voice for him in that version, and thanks to the announcement at Comic-Con, we already know he's returning for this movie to once again, voice Optimus Prime.

But today, we got the official word with the entire list.

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Bob and Alex first announced the Autobots:

Optimus Prime: Every society has that noble king; Alex insisted, "We can't do this movie without Optimus Prime."

Bumblebee: He's the underdog, the scout, the one that comes in front of all the other Autobots, as the smallest of the other robots.

Jazz: The rock and roll Autobot, he's a loyal friend, and very eager to take down the Decepticons. However, he won't do anything unless he looks good!

Ratchet: He's the medical and science officer, he's the smartest and can fix any of the Autobots if they're hurt.

Ironhide: He's the muscle of the Autobots, he'll bust the 'O' ring in Transformers; he's the first one to jump into battle against the Decepticons. He's the perfect counter to Optimus Prime, being more grittier.

Then, they announced the Decepticons, by saying, 'They're not all flying machines. We wanted to mix it up and bring in all versions of the Transformers including the G1 version:

Megatron: The leader of the Decepticons, his motto is 'Survival of the Fittest;' he doesn't see good, but he sees a more realistic side of the world. He's the most advanced creature in the universe.

Starscream: He's a servant to Megatron, and will do anything for him, yet you never know if he'll ever overtake Megatron for the Decepticon Empire. He can do more damage than Megatron, and he'll definitely find his moment to shine.

Brawl: He's pissed off, he's ready to fight all the time; he's the heavy lifter of the Decepticons.

Bonecrusher: He brings in the lure of the Decepticons; he battles with Megatron on a constant basis.

Barricade: He's the hunter of the Decepticons, he's always looking out for the Autobots; he's the epitome of a Decepticon - he's a symbol of safety and security.

Scorponok: He is ever transforming as a Decepticon; when you see him on screen, you will realize his environment is his disguise.

Frenzy: He's the smallest of the Decepticons, he's the stealth spy for the Decepticons, because he can fit anywhere. When Bob and Alex first thought of the evolution of Frenzy, he changed constantly; he started out as sound waves, but embodied what it was to be a Decepticon.

Blackout: He always takes the first hit for the Decepticons, he sends out an EMP-type pulse, he is the transporter, and the mover and shaker for the Decepticons.

After Bob and Alex announced the names, they took on some questions from the fans. They both grew up as fans of the show, Alex remembers the G1 series and wanted to represent the spirit of Transformers in this movie. When Bob first got introduced back in 1984, he didn't even know there was a toy line associated with Transformers until later on; he thought it was just the cartoon.

It was a difficult task trying to choose which Autobots and Decepticons would make it into the film. They ultimately decided to have less Autobots than Decpticons because "It makes for better action scenes, it's more intense," said Alex. He continued, "We wanted to see the Autobots use their friendship and strong will to defeat the Decepticons."

Bob cleared up some rumors that had been spreading around the internet with regards to the script online. "There were many fans who thought there wouldn't be any Transformers in the movie because there was too much dialogue. That's not true, you will see the Transformers in this movie."

As far as Bumblebee being a camaro in this film, Bob made sure to respect the fans, but wanted everyone to know, 'The clothes don't make the man. Bumblebee is very much like you remember him."

Alex brought up Steven Spielberg as the executive producer on this film, and mentioned that this film can be compared to one of his classics, Jurassic Park. "This is new to everyone, this is not just a cartoon; there will be human characters interacting with the Autobots and Decepticons. No one has ever seen this before, like when Steven Spielberg introduced Jurassic Park."

One female fan asked if she had to be a fan of the original series to enjoy the film. Bob quickly pointed out, "You don't need to know about Transformers; we are going to introduce you to the Transformers world - anyone can get into it; and for the fans who already know the series, it will be more of the same."

To top off what they said, they talked about the real actors in the film, being "hot guys" and "kick-ass women." Bob said, "We've got Tyrese and Josh Duhamel; they'll be flexing their muscles." Alex reiterated that, "This is a movie for everyone; I remember the women in the series, and I wanted to bring that here."

Both Alex and Bob talked about Hasbro being a huge part of this film. Alex remembered going to Rhode Island to meet with the heads of the company, and toys and the Transformers robots being all over the office. Bob joked, "If we said anything wrong..." Alex completed, "...we would get an electric shock."

But the toy company has been behind the franchise since the beginning of this movie. Bob said, "Hasbro knows what makes these characters so rich, and wanted to continue with this."

And as far as continuing the series, Alex said, "We're hoping for a sequel. We've made many things in this film open for advancement in future movies."

And for director Michael Bay, Bob said, "He just lit up when we asked him." And Alex jumped in with, "A 5-year-old little kid popped out of Michael; he locked in so fast. He was with us for story ideas; our relationship is wonderful." Bob finished the thought by saying, "No one can deny this guy knows vehicles, so he was the perfect choice."

They didn't announce any more names of voices, saying "it's still a work in progress." But they did announce a chance for all the fans to be part of the movie. Bob and Alex are setting up a contest where you can submit a line for Optimus Prime to say in Transformers and Peter Cullen will use that line just as it's written.

Bob and Alex want to know what you, the fans, have to say. Alex told everyone to "keep writing, we read everything."

The contest will be up on the internet in the next couple weeks. Transformers will land in theaters July 4, 2007.