HBO Max is coming out of the gate swinging. Not only do they have a back catalogue of Warner Bros. classics and HBO originals, they are also releasing a number of original feature films that will debut exclusively on the streamer. Today, we have word that the Gina Rodriguez comedy Bobbie Sue will be one of HBO Max's first original movies to premiere on the upcoming streaming service set to launch summer 2020.

Announced from the stage today at WarnerMedia Day, HBO Max will exclusively release the feature film Bobbie Sue starring Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez in the title role of Bobbie Sue, produced by Donald De Line (Body of Lies, Ready Player One) and directed by Charles Stone III (Drumline, Uncle Drew).

Said producer Donald De Line about the film set to debut when HBO Max debuts in May 2020.

"Giving a project like Bobbie Sue the reach and accessibility that HBO Max provides is what every filmmaker is looking for right now. Gina Rodriguez and Charles Stone III both have an incredible talent for bringing rich characters, timely stories and authentic worlds to life."

Bobbie Sue is a feature-length film that follows the story of Bobbie Sue, who after being raised among four rowdy brothers in a blue-collar neighborhood, is a scrappy, headstrong young lawyer who lands a career-making case with an upper crust law firm, only to realize she's been hired for optics and not her expertise.

But after discovering her powerful client, a lifelong idol of hers, is trying to cover up exploiting workers within her company, Bobbie decides to take both her and the law firm on, caution and etiquette be damned.

Cameron Diaz was originally set to play Bobbie Sue in the new HBO Max comedy, but the movie transitioned during development, and eventually Gina Rodriguez took over as the leading lady, having made a name for herself on the hit CW series Jane the Virgin. She has most recently taken on the voice of Carmen Sandiego in Netflix's animated redo of the classic educational series. She also has a key role in Netflix's animated comedy Big Mouth playing Gina Alvarez, so it's apparent that she isn't loyal to one particular streaming service.

Though, as this was originally intended as a Warner Bros. movie comedy for theatrical release, she probably didn't have much say in the matter. Gina Rodriguez will also be voicing the iconic Velma Dinkley in the upcoming Scooby-Doo big screen reboot Scoob. The way things are panning out, that could very well end up an HBO Max original. Even if it doesn't, it will definitely land on the streaming service after its 2020 theatrical premiere.

This latest announcement comes direct from the official HBO Max website, home to Warner Bros. classics and HBO originals. The new streamer will be launching summer 2020.