Crash co-writer Bobby Moresco has signed on write a film about organized crime patriarch Charlie "Lucky" Luciano for producer Joseph Isgro.

According to Variety, the hiring of Moresco ratchets up the race to make a film about Luciano's rise from Lower East Side street hood to architect of the organized crime syndicate.

Isgro said his project benefits by having rights and input from a true "guy behind the guy" figure, a longtime Luciano confidante Isgro wouldn't name. Extensive interviews and research have been turned over to Moresco.

A big part of both stories is how the government put Luciano away on a 30-year stretch for pimping and pandering and then leveraged his cooperation in America's WWII efforts with the promise of a pardon. Moresco said that Luciano used his mob clout on the New York docks to root out spies whose reports of ship movement to Nazi U-boats led to the sinking of more than 250 ships. Luciano also arranged for safe passage when troops landed in Sicily.

No production date has been set.