Disney's decision to fire James Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 over the weekend sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry and now comedian Bobcat Goldthwait is speaking his mind about their decision. In addition, Goldthwait is also asking Disney Theme Parks to remove his voice from the upcoming World of Color attraction, which contains his character from Hercules. Gunn was fired after some old tweets from nearly a decade ago were made public again. The tweets included tasteless jokes about rape, pedophilia, and racism.

In a social media post, Bobcat Goldthwait calls out Disney for firing James Gunn and says that it's hypocritical. The lengthy post has the comedian speaking his mind and admitting, although it's well-known, that he too, used to make bad jokes that many found and still find to be offensive. Some of them he regrets, some of them he does not. He then asked Disney to remove his voice from the World of Color attraction because of his past behavior, sarcastically telling the studio that he'd "hate" for them to comes off as "hypocritical." He had this to say.

"I love @jamesgunn. He's a loyal friend, super talented, passionate and kind. I wanted to say something, here it is: Dear @disney, I would hate for you to come off as hypocritical so I'm suggesting that you remove my voice from an attraction that's coming to your park. It's called World of Color - Villainous, and I reprise the role of Pain, a role I played in Hercules. You see here's the deal, years ago I made a lot of sarcastically shocking and offensive jokes. Many that I'm embarrassed about now, and I'd hate to make you guys look bad seeing that I'm openly critical of the president and his administration, and you seem to be taking your lead from some of his radical fringe supporters. I think James Woods may have recorded a voice for this new attraction, too. Why not check out some of his whacky past tweets?! They're a hoot! For the record I do stand with survivors of sexual abuse and I was wondering if you guys are still making money off of your movie Powder? Asking for a friend. Thanks, Bobcat."

Bobcat Goldthwait brings up a lot in his post in defense of James Gunn. He insinuates that part of the pressure to fire Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was because of the director's public disagreements with President Donald Trump, and accused Disney of taking their lead from "radical fringe supporters" of the president, whom Goldthwait is also very critical of. Next, he brings up right-wing conservative James Woods, who is also in Hercules and participated in the World of Color attraction. Woods has said some pretty crazy things on social media, so Goldthwait is just making sure that they get checked out as well.

However, Bobcat Goldthwait saves the best part of his rant for last. Goldthwait reveals that he stands with victims and survivors of sexual abuse, and then asks Disney if they still turn a profit from the movie Powder, which came out in the mid 1990s. Controversial director Victor Salva directed the movie for Disney, 7 years after he was convicted of sexual misconduct with a 12-year old boy along with possessing child pornography. He was sentenced to 3 years, but only did 15 months. It's easy to pick up what Bobcat Goldthwait is implying here, and he's not the only one to have brought up the Salva argument over the last few days.

James Gunn has been a very vocal critic of President Donald Trump and his administration, which is why the tweets, that Disney already knew about years ago, became public news again. Since he was fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, MCU fans have set up a petition to get Gunn's job back and many of his friends and colleagues have been speaking out about Disney's decision. It seems unlikely that Gunn will ever work for Disney again, but anything can happen now. You can read the whole letter to Disney below, thanks to Bobcat Goldthwait's Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick