While out promoting his latest directorial effort World's Greatest Dad, comedian Bobcat Goldthwait revealed in an interview with Chud that he wants to turn the Kink's album Schoolboys in Disgrace into a theatrical musical.

At this current moment, Goldthwait is finishing up a script about a "spree killer". Once that film is complete, he will go to work on Schoolboys in Disgrace. Chud offers this description of the record's plot:

Once upon a time there was a naughty little schoolboy. He and his gang were always playing tricks on the teachers and bullying other children in the school. One day he got himself into very serious trouble with a naughty schoolgirl and he was sent to the Headmaster who decided to disgrace the naughty boy and his gang in front of the whole school.

After this punishment the boy turned into a hard and bitter character. Perhaps it was not the punishment that changed him but the fact that he realized people in authority would always be there to kick him down and the Establishment would always put him in his place. He knew that he could not change the past but he vowed that in the future he would always get what he wanted. The naughty little boy grew up...into Mr. Flash.

In the report, Chud states that Goldthwait recently met with the Kinks' Ray Davies to get permission to make the proposed film.