We have some new details on the upcoming Bob's Burgers movie, which were brought to light during the show's panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Creator Loren Bouchard was on hand to discuss some of the details personally. At this stage, he couldn't say all that much, but Bouchard was willing to reveal that the movie will indeed be a musical, while also describing it as a mystery.

Loren Bouchard made the trek to SDCC 2019, along with key members of the cast, to discuss the upcoming season, which arrives this fall. Sadly, Kristen Schaal, who voices Louise, got stuck at the airport and couldn't make it, but everyone else did their best to bring the goods. At one point, the subject of the movie came up. Bouchard is still playing it pretty close to the chest, but here's what he had to say about it.

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"We have been very, very hard at work on the 'Bob's Burgers' movie. There's a lot we can't talk about. It's hopefully going to be a 'Bob's Burgers' gift to you, [the fans], if we do our job. It's a musical. It's a mystery. [...] We are very, very excited that that's part of our day-to-day right now."

The movie was initially announced in 2017 and things have seemed slow-moving. When the Disney/Fox merger was announced, many fans were concerned this project would wind up on the scrap heap as a result. Fortunately, that turned out not to be the case. Back in May, Disney officially dated the movie for July 17, 2020.

Another tidbit that was revealed during the panel is that Loren Bouchard intends to reveal what is hiding under Lousie's signature hat in the movie. That alone may make it worth the price of admission for those who have been following the adventures of the Belcher family all these years. Bob's backstory has remained something of a mystery on the show. During the Q&A, a fan asked if we're going to learn more about Bob and Bouchard then decided to reveal this nugget.

"Some of that is going to be in the movie. A small amount. I think it's strongly suggested that [his mother] died, and I think that's important to me, and to Bob's character, that she's a bit of a hole in his life."

So, things could definitely get a bit heavy and emotional, especially considering this is now a Disney movie. Outside of that, fans are left to wonder what a musical version of the show might look/sound like on the big screen. Maybe we can get a song where Tina sings about butts? Just a thought. Bob's Burgers season 10 is set to premiere September 29 on Fox. We'll be sure to keep you posted as further details on the project are made available. Be sure to keep an eye out for the rest of our San Diego Comic-Con coverage throughout the weekend. This news was previously reported by Indie Wire.