Did you miss Body of Lies in theaters last Friday? Well, listen up all of you Mike Patton and System of a Down fans, Ipecac has alerted us to the fact that the recently released Ridley Scott film contains a theme song entitled Bird's Eye that was composed by world famous film scorer Marc Streitenfeld with the collaborative help of both Patton and Serj Tankian.

The song can be heard during the film's end credit sequence, and contains new lyrics sung by vocalist extraordinaire Mike Patton. If you don't feel like plunking down the fifteen bucks to hear the song in theaters, you can purchase the track now as a stand alone single by clicking this Itunes link. The song can be yours for a measly $.99. And its melodic overture recalls a certain Hitchcockian thriller from the early sixties.

Body of Lies is in theaters now.