Aaron McCusker (Shameless) has officially signed on to portray Freddie Mercury's boyfriend, Jim Hutton, in the Queen movie called Bohemian Rhapsody. This news comes after it was revealed that Mike Myers is in talks to join the cast as an unknown character, which will bring Myers back full circle after the legendary performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody" in 1991's Wayne's World. Bryan Singer's Queen biopic has recently started filming and is moving along full steam ahead with the recent news announcing the casting of McCusker.

Jim Hutton was a large part of Freddie Mercury's private life during his final 6 years. He was Mercury's hairdresser as well as boyfriend and he took care of the late front man when he became sick due to complications from AIDS. Hutton was by Mercury's side when he passed and even gave him a wedding ring that he was wearing when he died. Though Singer's Bohemian Rhapsody will end in 1985, 6 years before Mercury's death, the story arc might include the first meeting between the front man and his hairdresser who would later go on to become his lover and caretaker.

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Freddie Mercury would distance himself from Hutton in public as he never formally came out publicly, but was openly gay around friends. Privately, Hutton and Mercury were involved in a long-term romance that all of their friends and family knew about. Hutton later recalled that Mercury was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987 and from there on out, rumors were rampant that the singer had contracted AIDS, though Mercury denied the allegations and didn't come out publicly that he had AIDS until November of 1991, 24 hours before he died. It was during this time that Hutton started to take care of Mercury and Queen began to tour less and less due to the singer's condition that rapidly deteriorated in the next few years.

Rami Malek will not play Freddie Mercury in his later years, instead the movie will end at the 1985 Live Aid concert, which was called, "The best day of our lives" by Queen guitarist Brian May. Production has already started and there is some amazing behind the scenes footage of Malek on stage as Mercury, channeling the late singer in look as well as performance. 1985 will be a good place for Bohemian Rhapsody to end, with Queen and Freddie at the height of their powers, conquering a show with many of rock music's most iconic acts.

According to Deadline, Irish actor Arron McCusker was recently seen in the sci-fi feature, Incoming with Scott Adkins and has also been in the U.K. version of Shameless. Since Bohemian Rhapsody does not go past the Live Aid concert in 1985, it isn't clear how much of McCusker as Hutton that we will see on screen, but as previously mentioned, the story could show the start of their professional relationship that later bloomed into a full-blown romance. Bryan Singer's Bohemian Rhapsody is currently in production and has a set release date of December 25th, 2018.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
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